About Us
ATN Solutions currently trades Desktop & Laptop, Servers & Networking products; Power Solutions and various other products related to IT & non-IT, in countries like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc. and also re-export the same to Africa.

ATN Solutions has opened its branch office in Hanoi, Vietnam, basically to service the far-eastern markets with TrippLite Power solutions as well as engage in other IT activities. We aim to generate new avenues of growth and offer a single window network and power backup solution to corporate customers and help individual consumers of computing products a solution for data backup.
From the CEO’s Desk
Technology and business have converged like never before in last few years. From enabling small businesses to compete effectively in a global environment, to generating new avenues of growth and competitive advantage for mature organizations,
technology has occupied the center stage in every industry we can think of. And yet, measuring the impact of technology in business continues to be hard as ever in an uncertain economic climate.

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